Project Sunflower – Surviving an Unwarranted Attack

A few weeks ago at last winter market of the season, you may recall that we purchased four lovely mini sunflowers. I planted them in our window box on the deck railing, for a spot of bright cheery color. They were beautiful. One would think they were too beautiful to eat, but certain other species were quick to disagree –

Waking up to a beheading of this magnitude can be very disturbing. Needless to say, I have had enough of the squirrels. We tried cayenne pepper, which the squirrels greatly appreciated as delicious seasoning on their meals. I still have to wonder why the squirrels in this neighborhood can’t just rifle through the trash dumpsters like the tree rats do in other parts of the city. It’s odd.

Anyway, the squirrels may have won the battle, but I intend to win the war. The first step in trenching in to any urban warfare situation is establishing a perimeter –

We ordered two rolls of four-foot-high chicken wire on Amazon. You really can buy anything on the internet. We’ll let you know how we make it once we get it installed, but wish me luck. I will have nice things!


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