Sneaky Summer

So apparently yesterday was the first official day of summer. I meant to do a garden update post on the first day of summer but we can all see that did not happen. Sigh. But, even though I forgot to photograph it, we have a few developments – green tomatoes, budding zucchini, flowers on the cucumber and peppers and everything! It’s looking pretty fantastic out there. Shh – don’t tell the squirrels. We’ve got to get that cage built this weekend. Stay tuned for pictures this weekend – the garden update will occur!

2 thoughts on “Sneaky Summer

  1. Imeant to comment on your squirrel post: you have to fight fire with fire. Or to be more literal, squirrels with super soakers. I speak from bitter ( and then evilly amused) experience when I say lie in wait until they get comfortable, 5 gallons of pressurized water at the ready, and when they get good and smug, squirt them. It’s worth it just for how funny they look, but if you save some veg in the process, all the better šŸ˜‰

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