Step One: Establish a Perimeter

Okay, enough talk. It’s been high time to take action around here. We finally got around to building the chicken wire enclosure for our largest group of containers. I warn you – it’s highly utilitarian –

It does not have a beautiful wood-painted frame or ornate wire work. But it will keep those bastard squirrels out! Hopefully. We used four-foot-high chicken wire with a one inch mesh. On the right side, we stapled it to the deck and then wrapped it around the pots. On the left, it’s secured with clips so we can open up the structure easily to get inside for harvest and such. For the top, since we anticipate the need to prevent aerial attacks as well, we cut a section of wire and bent it to fit the curved piece below, patching the sides with small pieces to close up any opening. We bent the wire from the top piece onto the sides, but also reinforced it with clear zip ties. It’s pretty secure.

It’s hard to see in this photo (I need to figure out how my photos are getting resized so small, but that’s another matter) but we have some green tomatoes, flowers on the peppers and even a few zucchini starting to form. And we intend to keep it that way.

We do still have another smaller grouping of pots – some more peppers and a few cucumbers – that need protection, but that will be an easier job by far. We’ll just create a cylinder of wire for those, and likely with no top since they’ll don’t sit right up against the deck. So that’s the next garden project to tackle. But as you can see, we’re hoping to the War of the Squirrels this year.