Strawberries for Winter

We don’t eat a ton of fruit (probably not as much as we should) but we do like strawberries quite a lot. We’ve been getting a quart every weekend they’ve been at the farmer’s market. Last weekend I bought two in order to freeze some – berries freeze beautifully and it’s so easy to do. And frozen berries are so versatile, where as jam is just jam. We’re not super big jam and jelly eaters, so the versatility of having frozen berries is great. They can be mixed into muffins, pancakes, macerated with sugar for shortcake – you name it.

All you need to do is cut the tops, and lay them on baking sheet to flash freeze them –

Once they’re frozen (I usually leave them in a for an hour or two) you can just put them into a freezer bag, like such –

Flash freezing first ensures the berries won’t all clump together in the freezer. Makes it so much easier to work with, since you can take out only what you need at a time when you want to use them, instead of having to defrost the entire bag. Just make sure you squeeze out as much as possible from the bag before popping it back into the freezer.

Easy as pie – which actually might be a tasty thing to make with these come January!