Make Your Own Simple Pencil Cup!

I don’t use pencils ever, so I don’t know why I’m calling it a pencil cup – except that’s just what it’s called. Even if all it holds is pens and markers. I’ve needed a pencil cup on my desk at work for awhile now. Usually when I need something to organize my desk I just go into the break room and raid the grody communal tupperware for something that vaguely fits my needs. My supply drawer is organized thus, with lidless lunch containers serving as caddies for post its, paperclips and such. But I wanted something kind of neat looking since it’s going to sit on top of my desk and be visible. I wanted to spend exactly zero dollars on it, since I do not spend funds on stuff for my work space.

The solution? A baking powder canister that was on it’s way to the trash and some scrapbook paper I had on hand. Win!

The process is simple. First, peel the label off the canister. Wipe out the inside with a damp paper towel to make sure there isn’t any lingering baking powder residue. I can’t think of any bugs that  like to eat baking powder, but better be safe than sorry and remove those food particles. So you’re left with this –

Roll your paper around the canister and mark it to cut it to fit the diameter and height of the canister. Simply affix the paper with a glue stick. And then you’ve got your pencil cup, for practically free and practically no effort! Voila –

Oh, and I kept the lid with it – I just put it on the bottom. That way if my pencil cup needs new life as some kind of container that needs a lid, it’s right there ready to go.