A Little Like Laura

Laura Ingalls Wilder, that is. She’s my favorite author, hands down. I devoured her books when I was a child, wrote my college thesis about them and re-read them from time to even now. I’ve been re-reading Laura by Donald Zochert recently, and was reminded about some interesting facts from her life –

She married Almanzo Wilder on August 25th. I married my husband a day later (such as it were) on August 26th. 

Her daughter was born on December 5th. That’s my birthday!

In her seventh year of marriage to Almanzo, they moved back closer to family in De Smet after being gone for several years in order to save up money to start the next chapter of their lives – buying the farm where they’d spend the rest of their days, Rocky Ridge, in Missouri. My husband and I are approaching our seventh married year, and we’re moving closer in among our family to save a little money to set up our forever house too. 

As Ma would say, that’s providential. And I really think it is. Good things are in store for all of us.


One thought on “A Little Like Laura

  1. I’m a total Little House geek too… I re-read the books as an adult and appreciated them so much more. I think I learned more about American History and the westward movement than I ever learned taking a multiple choice test! Moving away from Roger’s Park? I think we have a mutual friend in Ann… anyway I’ve been a “silent partner” loving your blog and thought I’d finally say so. All the best!

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