I Think, Therefore I Am

Still here! Packing like a madwoman most days, but we’re just about in the home stretch of the Big Move. At the same time, the garden is keeping us busy. We’ve probably picked somewhere in the neighborhood of four to five quarts of cherry tomatoes off of the Gold Nugget plants so far, so we’re eating our fill there. We’ve also continued to have regular harvests of the sweet Jimmy Nardello peppers, a little kale and a little chard. The hot peppers are looking good too, and will be ready to eat anytime now. The cucumbers have suffered a bit – they haven’t gotten enough water so we’ve only got one cucumber that’ll be ready to harvest soon, and a couple flowers that hopefully shape up to more cucumbers.

The big onslaught of tomatoes for canning didn’t start this week like I hoped, but I’m told I should expect at least 20 pounds next weekend, so canning tomatoes is on the agenda. And I did put up 5 jars of apricot jam recently (and I have a little post about it as soon as I can upload the photos). Apricot jam makes the best glaze on roasted pork and gives apple tarts a lovely sheen. So you can bet we’ll put those to good use over the fall and winter.

And Baby Apartment Farmer is officially becoming Toddler Apartment Farmer – he’s taking his first tentative, holding onto Mama steps. Time flies!

Can’t wait to post here that I’m all settled – I’ve got the new Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders book so I’m itching to get the sewing machine unpacked and ready to go – lots of projects in store for this fall!