Planning for Canning

Well, it’s that time of year again. Summer is in full swing, and there’s loads of fresh produce to be had. We’re fortunate in that what we preserved last year saw us through fairly well, so we still have a bit to use up. This weekend I inventoried what we had left –

– 12 quarts of tomatoes

– 4 quarts of apples

– 4 pints of apricot jam

– 3 pints of blueberry jam

– few bags of frozen blueberries

Not too shabby. I think 28 quarts of tomatoes was just the right amount for us, so I’m going to plan to do the same amount this year. And instead of apple slices canned in water, I think I’m just going to do apple pie filling and apple sauce – that’s really how we consume apples at our house. I’ll probably do a single canner batch of 7 quarts of the pie fillings, and maybe 14 pints of the applesauce. I’ll repeat the apricot jam, but only half as much – 3 or 4 jars will be sufficient. So this year’s Can Plan looks a bit like this –

– 28 quarts of whole tomatoes in their own juices (still debating about doing some of it as pasta sauce)

– 7 quarts of apple pie filling

– 14 pints of applesauce

– 4 pints of apricot jam

Plus, for the freezer we’ll have brussels sprouts and hopefully some sweet and hot peppers if they produce well from the garden. And I’d still like to do a you-pick farm this summer and get a few quarts of berries. The sweet corn didn’t freeze as well as I would’ve like last year, so I think we’ll skip that and just enjoy it fresh while it lasts.

And of course if anything else catches my fancy I’ll just add it to the list…

2 thoughts on “Planning for Canning

  1. I’ve done corn off the cob that was cut, then the cob thoroughly scraped so all the pulp is included. It froze really well. I was using a white Silver Queen variety so that may have had an impact on the final product.

    • Maybe I’ll try it cut off the cob next time then – I might pick up some this weekend. I do have a pressure canner so I could conceivably can some – maybe I should just give that a whirl with a small batch of pint jars, to see how the texture and flavor hold up.

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