5 + 85 = 2

5 + 85 = 2

Wait, what? You might think that 5 + 85 = 90, but if you’ve got 5 pounds of tomatoes that you process at 85 minutes in a water bath canner, you’ll actually get 2 quarts of canned tomatoes. So you see, 5 +85 really does equal 2.

That’s exactly what I found out yesterday when I came home from work one to find a big bowl of beefsteak and roma tomatoes sitting on the counter. Way, way too many throw in a salad, we’re still using up last year’s canned tomatoes for sauces and soups, and I wasn’t a big fan of freezing them. So I pulled out my mini canning rack and put up two quarts of tomatoes. It was a nice little project for a weeknight, actually. Prepping the tomatoes (a daunting task indeed when you’ve got a bushel on your hands) was quite a breeze and only took ten minutes or so. And it was really nice to do something a little different in the kitchen. And while two quarts won’t see through us through the whole winter, it’s a start on the year’s tomato canning. The plants at the garden are doing exceptionally well, so we’ll be off to the races any day now. And then how I will long for a simple two quart batch!