The Trouble With Herbs

There is nothing better than fresh herbs when you’re cooking. The flavor is just so much better than the dried. So I was excited this year when we signed up for our plot at the community garden – I’d have bunches and bunches of fresh herbs to cook with all summer! It was going to be great!

But I forgot one thing. The herbs and I were going to have to have a long distance relationship. And that is where we failed. I have four huge, beautiful shrub-sized basil plants that smell like heaven in the garden. Unfortunately, that’s where it will stay because it went to flower one day (a day we just happened not to go by the garden, of course) and once basil goes to flower it’s so bitter that it’s basically inedible.

The thyme is doing well, but it’s basically buried under the giants bushes of basil so I forget about it every time we go by, remembering that I meant to pick some as we’re driving away.

Oh well – probably next year I’ll go back to a few pots of herbs in the kitchen window and keep the garden plot going with the veg. I’ve never really been good with high maintenance long distance relationships.


2 thoughts on “The Trouble With Herbs

  1. We grew a basil variety called African Blue that was not only sweet while it bloomed, it bloomed continuously and attracted an incredible amount of bees to our plot. That plant was constantly humming! I give it some of the credit for the incredible pepper production we had! One of our neighbor gardeners who helped found the local arboretum told us about it.

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