Tomatoes & Zucchini Invade!

Yes, is it that time of year again. Someone “gifted” me two huge zucchini – they’re the size of baseball bats and have to weigh five pounds apiece. I’m going to freeze it – half in cubes for minestrone soup, and half grated for bread. And that should take care of our zucchini needs for the next year!

The tomatoes are starting to come on strong as well. So far, I’ve put up two quarts and three pints, and will be doing another batch tomorrow. I’d love it if they would ripen all at once so I could do big canner loads, but I’ve been using my mini canning rack and stock pot for the small batches. We’ve got more cherry tomatoes than we can eat fresh as well, so I’m thinking about freezing them whole – they’ll be nice to toss into wine-poached fish and other dishes.

It seems every day I’ve got something to freeze or can, but all the hard work will pay off this winter when we’ve got a fully stocked larder to feast on.


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