In A Pinch Organizing

I’ve got three words for you – six pack carrier.

Yep, we’re keeping it classy over here at Apartment Farm. But hear me out. Every time I open my linen closet, something falls out and bashes me in the head. And it’s never something soft like toilet paper; it’s inevitably an avalanche of hard plastic shampoo bottles.

As of late, I’ve changed up my shopping habits and starting couponing and stockpiling a bit in order to help our bottom line (a post on that coming soon for those that are interested in such things). Stockpiling, as it’s name implies, consists of buying non-perishables when they’re cheap so you don’t have to pay full price for them when you need them. You’re always going to need more toilet paper, so why not buy a ton of it when you can get a good deal? It’s a great idea that’s saved us money, but I’ve had to get creative with our storage.

Enter the six pack carrier. It’s the perfect vessel for corralling toiletries like bottles of shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream, sunscreen, etc. I grouped like items together (those shampoo bottles, for instance) and assigned one carrier to each group. Drop the bottles in, pop them on a shelf, and voila – you’re done. The carriers line up nicely on the shelf, the bottles don’t get knocked over, and you can even stack them (within reason). It’s also a great way to keep track of how much you have in your stockpile without having to dig around or keep a complicated inventory. Once you get down to two or three left, you start looking for deals to stock up again.

It’s not pretty or classy, and you certainly wouldn’t find a picture of these things in the pages of Martha Stewart or Country Living. But it works. Would I love a gorgeously arranged linen closet with decorative brackets, matching baskets and calligraphy labels? Sure I would. But for the time and effort I’m willing to invest in organizing a space that no house guest will ever see, six pack carriers fit the bill. And I suppose if you wanted to get super crafty with it, you could paint them or cover them in pretty fabric or paper, and hand write your labels on those trendy chalkboard stickers.

But I’m keeping it real today. Open my linen closet and you’ll see a row of New Glarus Spotted Cow six packs loaded down with shampoo.