The Amy Sedaris Cupcake Craze – Yes, They’re Worth It!

The Amy Sedaris vanilla cupcakes are all over Pinterest. Observe –



Last month I was looking for a good vanilla cupcake recipe for Little Man’s second birthday, and Amy Sedaris’s name kept popping up. But if you’re a follower of the blog CraftFail, you know that all that glitters on Pinterest is not necessarily gold.

But fortunately for me (and Little Man) these cupcakes actually live up to the hype. They are amazing. They are, quite simply, the best vanilla cupcakes I’ve ever had. So I give you, the Amy Sedaris Vanilla Cupcake recipe. I followed the recipe to the letter, except I switched out the milk for plain soy milk, and it worked just fine. These are sweet cupcakes, make no mistake. Definitely a special occasion dessert. I elected to make mini cupcakes, and got 48 out of the recipe. If you do regular-sized cupcakes, you’ll get 24. And if you opt for jumbos, you’ll get a dozen.

I guess if I’m honest, there is one problem with these cupcakes. They’re so good you’re going to want to bake them every week and not save them for special occasions at all…