Halloween Snapshots

My hands smell like Brussels sprouts. I just finished prepping and blanching a whole quart of them for the freezer. I’ve been busy putting up the last of the produce since we put the garden to bed earlier this week. I still have four heads of red cabbage to deal with – planning on making sauerkraut with that. I also have three butternut squashes, a pint of jalapenos, and a pint of sweet peppers to freeze. And that will conclude the garden preserving for this year. I also have a couple of pecks of apples to turn into pie filling from an orchard visit last weekend.

But that’s not really what this post is about. I was thinking that it’s unfair that I’m talking about all of the Halloween decorating I’m doing in a roundabout way, and not showing off what I’ve done around the apartment first hand. So I got over my case of the lazies and pulled out the camera so you can see a few of my favorite things – as they look in my real life place!


This is the wall that greets you when you walk in the back door to the kitchen. To the right is the living room (which you can just see a peek of) and to the left is the kitchen. The pantry closet is what’s behind the wall. I love the way this little vignette looks, and the price was right. I got the wooden skeletons at Target for $2.00 a piece, and the bats are the paper cutouts I found in a package of 15 for $1.00 at Dollar Tree. So this whole arrangement came out to about $6.50! I love a good decorating deal.


Continuing our tour into the kitchen, here are the window stickies I mentioned in the Dollar Store Decorating: Halloween post. And you can kind of see my glittered gourds, which I display in a plastic cauldron. And yes, that’s our old bistro table from the deck at the last place – we need to get a proper dining table for this new place still!


Here’s another little scene from the kitchen – my milk glass and a collection of gourds. I keep cookies in the cookie jar (of course!), and white sugar, cinnamon sugar and tea in the canisters. And there’s my Little Dipper simmer pot!


In the living room, I’ve got a few photographs adorned with some more of those paper cutouts from Dollar Tree – a little hint of creepy here and there!


And this is probably my favorite decorated spot in the house right now. Some more of the Dollar Tree paper bats on the wall, some of my glittered pumpkins, and milk glass tumblers at candle holders. Since I’ve got a toddler about now, I’m using battery-operated tea lights. And the wooden vampire and ghost figures are Dollar Tree finds from a few years ago. I really like wooden decor – it holds up year over year, so when I find something I like, I snap it up and use it again and again.

I’ve got some more candle holders around (some of the pumpkin tea light holders from the Target One Spot) and a ceramic jack-o-lantern that I put out every year, plus some wooden wreaths and signs about too. But the above pics are my favorites from the season thus far. Hope you enjoyed seeing a little taste of our new place all decked out for fall.