Pinterest Project: Halloween Haunted Village

Miniature villages are basically the adult equivalent of the dollhouse. They’re “home decorations”, therefore a grown woman can collect them, arrange the houses and people and accessories into cute little streetscapes and call it interior design. Like dollhouses, holiday villages are not cheap. I’d basically come to the conclusion that only rich people could have them. I mean, come on – a single house by Department 56 is about $100.00. For a tiny ceramic house. Yeah, I just do not think so. But I wasn’t going to give up.

I love browsing Pinterest. This time of year draws me to the Halloween and autumn crafts and decorations, and I’ve pinned a bunch of things that I’d love to try. A bunch of things that I look at and never do. But, on a whim I decided it was time to turn the board into reality. And of course the project I’ve picked is making my own Halloween haunted village! So there, rich people!

I was inspired by The 36th Avenue’s Dollar Store Halloween Village. It’s a genius idea, really – take something cheap and ugly, add spray paint and glitter and end up with something awesome. Here’s Desiree’s version –

Dollar Store Spooky Village

How neat is that? And she pulled it off for a serious fraction of the price of a single pre-made house. I basically followed her instructions to the letter, and ended up with awesomeness too.

First of, I gathered my supplies –

– 3 ceramic Christmas houses from Dollar Tree $3.00

– 2 packages of ceramic people figures from Dollar Tree $2.00

– fake spider webbing from Dollar Tree $1.00

– black glitter acrylic paint from Michaels $2.00

– brown picket fence from Michaels $3.00

– ceramic tombstones from Michaels $3.00

– battery operated purple mini light string $5.00

– Valspar black matte spray paint from Lowes $4.00 (I got the good stuff so I could use it on other projects, but I’m sure the $1.00 stuff would work just fine).

Everything I picked up at Michaels was either discounted or I had a coupon for, so that’s the way to go. If I paid full price for that stuff, it probably would’ve added ten dollars to my total. But as it stands, I came in at about $25.00 for everything. That’s a price I can handle without getting sticker shock.

Here’s the before shot of the little houses –


Are they hideous or what? The colors are awful and the paint job is bad. Fortunately, they only looked like that for a moment. I took them out to the yard and sprayed them black.  Then I did a little highlighting with the black glitter paint. Here’s a close up of how the glitter paint looks –


And here’s the whole streetscape –


Their permanent home will be on a black molding shelf in the living room, but I don’t have it hung up yet so I set it up on the coffee table so I could show it off here. Here’s a picture without the flash so you can better see the purple lights –


The house on the right has lights inside of it too, but the openings in the windows are a little small. I’m going to have husband try to widen them a bit with his Dremel.

One thing I did differently than The 36th Avenue was painting over the people’s faces – I wanted them to appear to be fully in shadow. So, what do you think? I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and it was quick and fun project to do.