Produce Drawer Turkey Brining

Brining has long been touted as a fantastic way to ensure that you get a juicy, moist turkey. I plan on doing a spiced apple cider brine on our turkey this year, but finding a way to brine a huge bird is never easy. But then it came to me – why not use the produce drawer in the fridge?

So I wondered if anyone else had tried brining a turkey this way, and lo and behold, someone has. Sometimes it’s completely unnecessary to reinvent the wheel. And good thing, because who has the time for that this time of year? Alice Currah of Savory Sweet Life brined a turkey in her produce drawer all the way back in 2010! She’s written a great how-to post, complete with photos, outlining how she did it. She smartly uses turkey oven bags to hold the turkey in the brine, and then puts that into the drawer. Which is kind of what I was thinking of doing as well, because it’s easier to manage and clean up, and it’s more sanitary. They do say great minds think alike.

So if you’re thinking about brining your turkey this year, check out the how to post on Savory Sweet Life for an easy way to pull it off. And DON’T FORGET – if you’ve got a 16 pound bird like I do, you need to get it in the fridge tomorrow on Saturday morning to give it enough time to thaw, while leaving enough time to brine. The basic thawing guideline is 1 day for every 4 pounds. And you’ll want 24 hours for the brine. Thanksgiving is upon us, friends!