Getting Ready for Christmas

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we put up our Christmas tree and decorated the house for the holidays, like we do each year. And then time sped up and BAM! – it’s practically Christmas Day already. Where does the time go? It’s been so much fun having a toddler in the house for Christmas, that can run around and talk about everything under the sun. I think I’m having more fun watching him have fun than I am actually doing it myself.

Decorating the house was a great day. We went into the city to pick out our tree at Gethsemane Garden Center and had a great time. We put on some holiday music, got a fire going in the fireplace (oh yes, we did!) and really enjoyed spending the day together. And for dinner, we ate the last of the Thanksgiving turkey in turkey noodle casserole (basically like tuna noodle casserole, but I season it with herbs de provence – so good!)

Another day we went downtown and went to Christkindlmarket for our annual visit. We had brats, pretzels, Viennese almonds and gluwine (aka glogg, aka mulled wine). We walked around and checked out the stalls and enjoyed the holiday atmosphere. And we picked up our annual blown-glass ornament, though this year we opted for two small ones instead of one large one, per Little Man’s request – he picked out a tractor and a firetruck. And we picked up our annual bag of Nuremberg gingerbread. That stuff is so addicting, and I’ve been rationing that bag to all of us for about two weeks now!

We’ve also baked cookies (snickerdoodles and iced sugar cookies so far) and we plan to do more. We need to make another batch of snickerdoodles as well as Russian tea cakes, soft ginger drop cookies and spritz. If I manage to be super mom, a batch of rosettes. And we’ve been driving around every day when I get picked up from the train to look at the Christmas lights. That’s been a nice little random surprise about suburbia – nearly everyone decorates the outside of their houses at here. All of the Christmas shopping is done; we just need to pick up a few things for our Christmas Day meal when we do our regular grocery shopping this week.

And I have been working on a neat Christmas decorating project (that I intended to blog about), but I’m not sure I’ll finish it in time. Though now that I’ve mentioned it here, it’s kind of unfair if I don’t share, right? So I’ll try to wrap it up and finish it this weekend – it’s quick and can be done in a few hours (provided you are not a lazy procrastinator like me).

So, that’s been life at Apartment Farm lately. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season as well!