Food For Free: Helping Communities

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We certainly did here. We even found some time to relax! But now that the holiday season is mostly behind us, that doesn’t mean that season for giving has to come to an end. Lots of people, right in our communities, are still hungry.

Ever since I got serious about couponing, I’ve felt empowered. My pantry and home store is full to bursting, and we don’t worry about having good food on the table at all. Even in lean weeks where an unexpected bill crops up or something, we still have an abundance of food to chose from because I’ve finally learned how to shop smart and stockpile certain things.

It’s also empowered me to give back. I don’t want any child to go hungry. I may not be able to help them all, but I can at least help some. One way I can do it is with the Dollar Tree method. Now, you do need to be careful about the food you pick up at dollar stores – some of the quality is not quite up to snuff. But Dollar Tree has a rotating stock of certain name brand foods that can be relied upon, and they’re now taking coupons! That means you can get food items for pennies on the dollar or even free! Being able to get more items for less money means that there’s that much more to share. For example, right now Dollar Tree is carrying Kraft Recipe Makers, and since it’s a relatively new product, there’s a high value $1.00 coupon for it currently. So with two coupons today, I was able to get two boxes to donate – for free!

Another resource for free food that I like is the free sample program for Box Tops for Education members. Just sign up for the site (where you can also print out coupons that are slightly higher value than newspaper coupons). You have to be a member of the site for a full month before you’re eligible to request a sample, and you have to act fast – there are usually only 3500 samples available. An easy way of keeping track of which samples are available is to search “box tops” on the For the Mommas website, which is also a great site for keeping track of all of the deals. So far I’ve gotten gluten-free sugar cookie mix and a box of Chicken Helper to donate.

We can all do our part – it’s so nice to be able to donate a bag of groceries every time I go shopping. It may seem like only a small contribution, but every little bit helps.