The Quest for the Perfect Bedside Tables

January always kicks my planning, organizing and tidying self into high gear. After all of the glitz and glam (and excess) of the holiday season, I’m yearning for order and calm. We finally bought some new bedding that is completely coordinated in a relaxing blue color scheme – and we got it on sale! We scored a new set of Jersey t-shirt sheets for $13 in queen size – and if you’ve ever bought bedding, you know that’s practically a bargain basement price. For years, we’ve done shades of red in the bedroom, and it’s just too bright and bold. Red does not invoke relaxation, but blue completely does for me. So I’ve slowly been changing things over.

One of the major sore spots in our bedroom is the lack of bedside tables. My requirements are simple – ample surface space on top for lamps, alarm clock and books, plus closed storage, because let’s face it  – in a small home you can never have too much storage. Coupled with the fact that we still don’t have a proper dresser for our clothes and are using plastic drawer organizers… yeah the bedroom is really just one big storage area with a bed in it, and not a calming place to relax and sleep after all.

I searched high and low for the perfect solution. I didn’t think what I wanted was so far out of the box, but apparently the market for functional, storage-oriented bedside tables that don’t look like they’re from 1987 is pretty slim. But I kept seeing things with snippets of potential, and I have the exact tables I want visualized perfectly in my head. So the next logical step? Design and make my own. And do it on a budget! I do not want to be dropping $400 on bedside tables.

But I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here. So I need to start with a “stock” option, and Ikea just happens to have a smaller-scale dresser called the Rast 3-drawer chest that fits the size and storage requirements perfectly –


Pretty plain Jane isn’t it? And the wooden knobs don’t do it any favors. But it’s got good bones. And the price is right at $40 each! It’s unfinished solid pine, so it’s going to be really easy to upgrade with a simple coat of paint. Since my bedding is a white/navy blue combination, I really want to introduce a brighter, fresher shade of blue to liven things up a bit. Benjamin Moore’s “Whipple Blue” is just what I’m after –


And last but not least, the boring wooden knobs. My ultimate splurge would be to pick up a set of fancy milk glass knobs, but at $10 a pop, that’s stretching the budget for this project a little (well, maybe – I’m still on the fence). But aren’t they gorgeous?


Historic Houseparts also carries a more budget-friendly “translucent white glass knob” for just under $5 each, which is a perfectly acceptable budget compromise, while still going after the look and feel I want –


So, next up? Actually buying all of the stuff and putting it together. If I go for the budget knobs, I’ll be at $180 for the pair, which is not a bad price for a set of side tables that offer up so much storage. I’ll actually have a proper place to put my socks and t-shirts! That’s a win for adulthood, friends. One small step at a time. Stay tuned for the project pics – I’m really hoping to cross this one off the list in the next month or so!

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