Seedlings & Struggles

We are now well into caring for our first batch of seedlings this “spring” (apparently it’s supposed to snow again this weekend!). The peas are robust, and every one of them germinated. Most of the tomatoes and peppers have germinated, so we’ll have a good showing.

The challenge, however, is in the lighting. Every time I start seedlings, they tend to get really leggy because I never seem to have the lighting set up correctly. I thought I had it figured out this year – I used the top shelf of my kitchen bookshelf, and mounted an under-cabinet grow light to it with those picture hanging strips. They’re supposed to hold 35 pounds, but I swear I never get these wall hooks and strips to work. Ever. The light weighs maybe three pounds, and one day it just came crashing down on the seedlings. But apparently we’re doing a good job with them, because only one of them was damaged. Robust little things, fortunately.

So now they’re sitting on the kitchen table in front of a south window, with a desk lamp supplementing light. So… hopefully they actually keep growing well. Though if all of this snow keeps up who knows when we’ll be able to garden this year!