Prepping Better Than Bouillion Jars For Crafting

No, I don’t make home made stock as much as I would like. I have to cut myself a break on a few things, and stock is one of them these days. There can only be one Martha Stewart in the world, and it ain’t me. But there’s no great loss without some small gain, as Laura Ingall’s Ma used to say. And that gain is that I have quite the stockpile of Better Than Bouillion jars. They are absolutely perfect for so many things – storing herbs and spices, or making soy candles. I use them for both. They’re also great for small quantities of things I buy in bulk, like baking soda and bread yeast.

In order to make them completely usable, the labels need to come off. There’s an easy way, and a hard way to do it, and I figured it out by trial and error. So you to can re-purpose these great little jars too, I’m sharing the method with you.

It seems that the folks at Better Than Bouillion use two different types of label adhesive – one type for the jar label, and another for the lid label. They both react very differently to heat and water, so you’ll have to remove them separately. I like to do a quick washing of the insides of the jars to remove any remaining food residue, and then remove the labels in bulk when I have a mess of them to do. Do not run them through the dishwasher with the labels on! The labels will more or less fuse onto the glass and become next to impossible to remove properly.

For the lids – slowly peel the labels off while they’re dry. No soaking in hot water – it does something weird to the adhesive and you’ll never be able to the things off. If you peel the label off slowly, all of the glue residue should come with it. If not, scrape it off with your fingernail or a bamboo spatula. Using a butter knife or other metal scraper will like scratch up the lid. Not a huge deal if you plan to cover it with another label or use it in your own pantry, but you’ll want to be careful if you plan to use the jar for gift giving.

For the jars – soak them in soapy water – the hottest that you can stand – and peel the label away, scraping off any glue reside as you go. If you need to, give them a scrubbing with the rough side of a dish sponge.

And that’s it – cute little jars with plain gold or black lids that are perfect for gift giving or using in the pantry. Start saving them, and you’ll have a nice little collection, saving them from the landfill and stretching the dollars you spent on them in the first place a little further.