Time Flies When You’re…

Having fun? But also when nature completely elects to skip the entire spring season, and winter instantly fast forwards to summer. So, Apartment Farming has consisted of the following mad dash to get ahead of the three months of the year that we basically lost –

– Transplanted and summarily killed an entire flat of tomatoes and peppers that got set out into the garden without a proper hardening off period due to extreme weather fluctuations (I will not go into a rant about climate change…).

– Killed half a flat of peas due to some weird dampening off situation and too-late transplanting (again with the weird weather…).

– Waited for weeks on end for the mud pit otherwise known as our community garden plot to dry out so we could actually plant out any surviving plant matter that we could lay our hands on (thank you commercially grown vegetables starts from a psuedo-big box retailer – not the Devil That Shall Not Be Named, but perhaps an equally onerous competitor…)

– Discovered that you can, in fact, regrow green onions. Oh wait, I did take a minute and blog about that… small miracles!

– Started the DIY key hook project from way back when. As it my typical trend, the simplest concept is proving to have unexpected roadblocks (like the screws are too long for the wood I chose; seriously!?). Hindsight will likely prove all of these obstacles are 100% attributable to human error, so stay tuned for the post on that.

– I have backslid on how I want to be feeding my family. Commercial lunch meat has re-entered our lives. Now I’m not going to be too hard on myself, because in some respects this is a first-world problem from someone who has a decent income to make the choices I want regarding the type and quantity of food I put on the table – and that’s a luxury that not everyone has. But damn it, I could probably do better here.

So yeah… all that and a woefully neglected blog. Have I mentioned my day job is giving me a literal run for my money on top of it all? But I am still here, and still Apartment Farming – and god help me if I can’t find 20 minutes per week to write something interesting and/or mildly amusing about it here!