And So The Garden Grows

I woke up this morning when the alarm went off (ugh, Monday) and realized that the summer has been rapidly slipping away. How is it nearly August already? This summer has been a study in what not to do – do not take business trips, do not work 50 hours per week, do not spend time indoors too tired to do much else…

I’m hoping I can get back on track as we move into the tail end of summer and the beginning of fall. I’m seven months into my job promotion, so I’m starting to feel a bit less like every day is a panic attack (although only slightly). And we’re house hunting – oh, did I mention that? So while weekends have been consumed with seeing real estate in every free moment, there will be an end in sight once we find the right place.

All that aside, we made it over to the garden plot today to assess the state of affairs, and have mixed results. The row of yellow onions is looking amazing. We had half a row of chard come up and it’s huge – definitely ready to harvest some of that this week. I’m think pork and chard hand pies are in order! The beans are mixed – the edamame and Jacob’s Cattle have been ravaged by the rabbits, but are still producing beans. The rattlesnake pole beans are hardly doing anything at all – they’re barely a foot off the ground. By comparison, the ones my sister is growing at her house are topping six feet! Grrrr, that’s gardening for you. But we do have a nice showing of green tomatoes, and the plants have finally grown to a good size. We’ve got a few jalepenos and one solitary sweet pepper has survived. And happy surprises – we have a little watermelon, with more flowers on the plant, and cucumbers just starting to form. And shockingly – the pumpkin plant that I thought was dead and was tempted to rip out has rebounded and is taking over. All of the potatoes rotted in the ground and didn’t do a single thing.

So, a mixed bag. Much like my summer I suppose. You get out what you put in, so I’m glad it’s not quite over yet. Still time to make the most of things.