Mississippi Milk Glass

Family vacation this year was a bit of a mixed bag. We were supposed to camp for a week at Mississippi Palisades State Park, but the weather was downright horrid – either dangerously hot and humid, or severe thunderstorms. So we ended up with plan B and stayed in a hotel for two nights, camped for just one and came home a day early. Fortunately we were able to salvage our trip with plenty of time in the hotel pool, as well as fun visits to the De Immigrant Windmill (where they grind their own flour – which tastes amazing), the Sawmill Museum, Heritage Canyon, and Wide River Winery (the Felony Red cabernet sauvignon is especially good and didn’t give us the tannin headaches we usually get with red wine).

And of course, we visited a few antique stores. The prices were downright cheap, and I was excited to find a few bargains in milk glass at Great River Road Antiques. I’ve long wanted a set of milk glass beer steins, so I was super excited to find four of them for just $2.50 each –


I also found something I’ve never seen before in milk glass; four jars with lids. I confess for a split second I thought of spray painting the lids red, but then I came to my senses – the black and white graphic is just too punchy and fun to paint over –


I was curious about what the jars once held, so I googled the name on the lid and discovered they’re marmalade jars from the UK –


And shockingly – they’re going for $20.00 each on eBay! So I got $80.00 worth of jars for just $8.00. I knew they were a real find when I spotted them. The steins are starting for about $5.00 apiece on eBay, so those were a pretty good bargain as well. So all in, I got $100.00 worth of milk glass for just $20.00. And the best part – we’ll use them every day.