DIY Winter Landscape Jars

I promised you some easy, affordable holiday crafts this season, so here we are. The nice thing about making winter landscape jars is they truly last through the entire winter season since they’re not specific to Christmas. And I love miniatures, so these are right up my alley. This year’s rendition –

snow jars

I’ve got them on my counter. Those jars usually hold fruit, or cookies but I found another spot for those things for the season because they’re just too perfect not to craft with. I’ve had them forever; I think I picked them at a yard sale years and years ago. When I was first starting out without much space or money, they held flour and sugar. Now I buy both in bulk and thus use much larger containers!

Recreating the look yourself is incredibly easy. If you don’t already have the jars, making two is going to set you back around $25. Not bad, especially since you can use the jars year-round for other things. If you already have the jars, you’re looking at less than $10, which is an especially good deal. As for me, I had the jars already and found two bags of Department 56 faux snow for $1 each at Goodwill, so I came in at $5.50 for two jars. So it all depends on the discounts and thrifting you can luck out on.

If you need to buy jars for this project, Hobby Lobby carries Anchor Hocking lidded cracker jars for $9 each –


You can also get creative with the container you use – a large vase, mason jar, apothecary jar, glass bowl – whatever you want. So if you don’t have the cash to drop on a set of new jars, check out your cupboards; you might have something that will work just as well and be completely unique.

This is the Department 56 snow I was able to snag at Goodwill –


I was seriously so excited to find it – perfect for Christmas decorating. I always keep a sharp eye out in the crafts sections of thrift stores. There are usually goodies to be had. If you can’t make a thrift store score, Hobby Lobby sells similar powder snow for $6 –


Next up, you need some figurines to put in your jar. I went with bottle brush trees and tiny dollhouse deer. Hobby Lobby does sell bottle brush trees, but this year so does Dollar Tree! A 4 pack of bottle brush trees costs just $1 and they have a few different kinds to choose from –


The miniature deer were a bit elusive to me at first, but I ended up finding them at Hobby Lobby in the dollhouse miniatures section. A package of six is just $1.50 –


Assembling the jars is easy – dump in the snow, plunk in the trees and arrange the deer.  In the jar on the right I created a hill by dumping the snow on one side of the jar while holding it tilted back, then carefully righting it so the snow stayed mounded on one side. And that’s it! A five minute craft at a halfway decent price – win!