A Random Springtime

Welcome spring! Finally, the end of winter is in our sights. I’ve been busy doing a whole lot of ordinary things, most of them un-blog-worthy, but all of them necessary to daily living. Some items from the highlight reel –

– Finally found the perfect recipe for home made buns/soft sandwich bread from The Kitchen Whisperer. The secret to a soft sandwich bread is dairy (usually milk) but since husband and I are both lactose-intolerant, that wasn’t happening. This particular recipe calls for butter mixed in at the end (which I thought was weird, but hey – all I had to lose was a batch of flour, yeast, some salt and a bit of Earth Balance if it failed). Subbing Earth Balance for the butter was a no-brainer, and the bread turned out perfectly.

– I’m about two weeks late on seed starting, because I’ve been searching for over a month for a new grow light set up. I’m tired of leggy, lethargic seedlings! After checking every hardware store and garden center in the vicinity and coming up empty handed, I finally caved in and ordered one from Amazon. I chose the Enviro-Gro 22-foot 4-light fixture at $90. Yes, it was pricey – but I’m hoping it will last a long time and more than pay for itself in allowing me to start quality veg seedlings at home. And I’m excited to repurpose our Ikea Sniglar changing table into a seed starting station. We’ll start tomatoes, pepper and cabbages this weekend and kick the garden season into high gear.

– We haven’t been thrift store shopping in a good long while, but this weekend Little Man and I hit the jackpot – we found a new wooden train track section, a play construction helmet, a Play Doh extruder and a Richard Scarry book for him. And for me, I found a set of six Fire King milk glass dinner plates, a rectangular milk glass dish with a basket weave pattern (perfect for Easter egg display!), and two books – Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping Home by Cheryl Mendelson and a vintage (I think it’s from the 1960s, by the look of the dress patterns) Better Homes & Gardens Sewing Book.

– In preparation for the outdoor season, we’ve added some gear to our homestead – a new shovel in anticipation of breaking much ground for garden beds, a pruning saw for the fruit and nut trees that will arrive any time now, a fire pit, a children’s Adirondack chair so Little Man has his own place to enjoy the backyard, and some wire baskets that will be perfect for root vegetable storage in the root cellar setup I hope to arrange in the basement this summer.

So, that’s life for the moment at Apartment Farm – quiet, but nice.