Favorite Things: Summer 2015

It has been ages since I’ve done a favorite things post, so it’s high time. Here are some highlights of products, ideas and things that I’m really enjoying as we move into summer.


Ceramic Compost Keeper

Now that we have our own garden and compost pile at home, having a compost keeper in the kitchen is incredibly convenient. We keep ours underneath the sink so it’s accessible, but doesn’t take up valuable counter space. It looks nice enough that you could leave it on the counter if you wanted to though. The great thing about this particular keeper is that it has a charcoal filter in the lid to help mitigate any smells that may occur, and it certainly works as we haven’t had any issues with foul odors or fruit flies or any other problems. We empty it onto the main compost pile once or twice per week, and  having it has reduced what we throw away in the trash, which is great for us and the garden.

Downton Fabric

Downton Abbey “Downstairs” Fabric Collection

One of my favorite “modern historical” periods is the late Edwardian era through the early 1920s, and I’ve recently started to branch into garment making. This fabric collection perfectly embodies the style I like to wear – a little bit understated and muted, but still feminine and interesting. There are a lot of other Downton collections as well, but this one is my favorite by far.

Mason Jar Bag

Insulated Mason Jar Bags

I love all of the mason jar lunch bags that are out there, but with a long commute I’m not the type to carry one more bag with me on a long train ride. I like to toss my lunch into my main backpack so I can carry one bag on my back with all my gear and be done with it. So until now, I’ve chosen lunch containers that were less potentially breakable than mason jars. Then I came across this great tutorial for sewing individual mason jar bags with a drawstring – just the solution I need. And it’s a really great way to use up leftover fabric from other projects too.

Water bottle

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

In my renewed quest to minimize plastics in our life, I recently picked up one of these glass water bottles with a silicone sleeve. I love it. I don’t worry about breakage since it’s got the protective cover on it, it’s got a great bail handle for easy carrying, and straw-style cap for sipping. So far I think it’s great, but I’m the guinea pig for the family right now – if it holds up on my crazy commute and is relatively spill-proof, then we’ll upgrade the rest of our water bottles to these as well.