A Quick Kitchen Transformation

Great ideas come straight out of the blue sometimes. This past week on vacation, while lounging in a chair lakeside while Little Man played on the beach, a solution to our horrible cabinet over the peninsula just popped into my head. It had a couple of problems – every time we opened the right side door, it banged into the (ugly-still-need-to-replace-the-shades) pendant lights, and the top two shelves were just an avalanche of poorly organized storage containers and lids.  And about a third of my cookbooks didn’t fit (due to my poor decision to use the cabinet for other stuff) and it was really annoying not to have my cookbooks easily visible, so I could reference what I wanted without too much trouble.

The solution? Just take the doors off! Presto chango, open shelving that solves every one of the previous issues before mentioned. It took me all of five minutes to remove the doors and move the storage containers to another spot (the drawers where some of the left-out cookbooks had been living in). I’m not sure drawers are ultimately the most convenient spot for those, but I’m thrilled with the new storage solution for the cookbooks. I forgot to take a before picture of the mess it was, but the after picture is one I’m pretty happy about –


Hopefully this fall the walls will be painted a jadeite green, the cabinets will be painted an almond color, and the hardware will be switched out. And the pendant lamp shades will be swapped for mason jars. And two long term upgrades will be butcher block counters with a new sink, and a subway tile back splash. So – slowly but surely our kitchen will be just the space we’ve always wanted.