Fair Season

Ah yes, fair season is upon us. Carnival rides, elephant ears, corn dogs, and of course – the home economics competitions. After spending the majority of my life in Chicago (where Cook county does not run a county fair) I am finally living in a county that does. So after years and years of wanting to enter my food in the fair to compete for the coveted blue ribbon, I finally have my chance!

I decided to enter three things this year that have been winners in our household for many seasons – my crumb coffee cake, my pumpkin butter pumpkin bread and blueberry pie.

I’ve got the pumpkin butter cooking down in the crock pot at the moment, but I am procrastinating firing up the oven to do any actual baking as yet – it’s 80 degrees and humid here. I was outside earlier to mulch the vegetable beds with straw, and it was brutal. So I think I’ll wait until the sun goes down before firing it up. But today is the day for baking, hot temps or no – everything needs to be dropped off on Tuesday and the fair starts Wednesday!