The 9×3 Donation Plan

We are really big on donating when ever we can – it helps those in need and it prevents good, usable items from ending up in a landfill. From outgrown clothes and toys, to furniture and household goods that we upgrade or no longer have a use for, pretty much everything is fair game.

As an avid yard saler myself though, I still wanted to be able to hold a yard sale each summer, to offset the costs of vacation or Christmas. So then it occurred to me – we can easily do both, and by default kind of already do. For nine months out of the year, we donate things we don’t need. Then for the three summer months, we save them up for an end-of-summer yard sale – problem solved! We do set aside a few items in the other months if they have a high resale value, like children’s furniture, but for the most part the 9×3 rule works pretty well at our house – if you’ve struggled with balancing charitable donations with making a little extra pocket cash, this may be a solution that works for you as well.