Canned Tomatoes!

Lest you think I’ve done no preserving this year, I have proof of life photos to show otherwise. I broke from my usual practice of canning plain whole tomatoes in their own juice, to do some prepared tomato products – grab and go convenience won the day. I did one canner load of marinara sauce –

marinara (1)

And one canner load of salsa –


And when I finished doing these, I promptly took a jar inventory, as those were practically the only pint jars I had in the house! I have over 50 quart jars, but only a measly 10 pint jars (I still have a couple of the squat Elite ones left). So I’ll have to remedy that before next season, as pint jars are really the perfect size for so many things.

So I have put up just a little bit – not as much as I intended, but who knows? Maybe I’ll get in another batch of two yet, if the harvest holds another week or so. Oh – and I love our stove. It’s been the first five burner stove with a continuous grid on it that we’ve ever had, and it’s just a dream to can on. No more worrying about the wide base of the canning pot getting all wobbly trying to balance on a single burner setup. Love it!