Fall Flowers

I really like mums in the fall – we even had some at our wedding years and years ago. So I picked up some in a burnt orange color for the front two porches this year –



I really had to search at the store to find ones that didn’t have completely spent blooms already; seems like everything came on extra early this year. I was able to find four in the same color that were still in bud though, so I think these should start to open up in the next few days. I also got a much smaller one in a burgundy color, and planted it in a milk glass planter to go on our dining table for a little color, but of course I forgot to photograph it, and I’m too lazy to go do it now. So you get to see two out of three. And you’ll notice in the top picture I’ve got two more plants to take care of – those are yarrow, that I scored on clearance for just $2.50 each. I just love yarrow, so that was quite a happy score. The plan for those is to rip out the purple gladiola (that I don’t care for because it’s in shade and blooms very late, and also is so tall it gets top heavy and just flops over) in the planting beds in front of the porch. So maybe I’ll take care of those tomorrow… or next weekend at the latest!