Old Lamp Makeover

I think I have been talking about doing a makeover on this lamp for years now. Well, I finally did it, and I couldn’t be happier. And because I had the spray primer and spray paint on hand from other projects, I basically got a brand new lamp for $5.00 (more on that in a minute.

Here’s the before picture –


Not ugly, but very outdated with it’s blue and brass color scheme, and pleated shade. It’s actually got good bones, with a really classic shape and style. So it’s nothing a little spray paint and a new shade can’t fix! First, I ditched the shade and bagged up and taped off all of the parts that I didn’t want to get painted. Then I sprayed on a coat of primer. I used gray because that’s what we had on hand –


Once the primer was dry, I applied two separate coats of oil rubbed bronze spray paint for a nice, classic finish –


And once that was dry, I brought it inside and put the shade on. And that’s it – here’s our brand new lamp –


The lamp shade was a thrift store find at Savers, for just $5.00. It’s a very smooth burlap, which I had been hunting for, for months on end. I never found one in the right size, or that was in a good condition until last month, when I snapped it up.

So even though we still have to finish the walls, re-do the flooring and upgrade the furniture, this lamp epitomizes the look we’re headed to in the end. We’ll getting closer, one lamp at a time!