Pinterest Project: Halloween Crystal Ball

Every once in a great while, I dig deep and muster up some motivation to actually do a project that I pin on Pinterest. Friends, today is that day. I’ve been talking about making these awesome crystal balls (at Flamingo Toes) for Halloween for at least a few years now –


I haven’t made a whole ton of them yet, but I did get one done and I’m supremely pleased it with. It cost me less than $5 to make – I picked up the candlestick and the transparency sheets (a huge box) at a thrift store for just $2. And the clear plastic ornament I got at Michaels for just under $2 as well, though they do sell these at Dollar Tree for $1 each now as well. The black spray paint we had on hand already. I just sprayed the candlestick black (it was brown wood before). Then I printed the images on a transparency sheet, cut out the one I wanted, gently folded it to put into the globe, and hot glued the globe to the top of the candlestick. Pretty simple! So, how do you think my version turned out?