DIY Graveyard Terrariums

I have always loved dioramas and terrariums. Making them in school was one of my favorite projects every year? Do kids still get to do dioramas in class? I really hope so. At any rate, grown ups can make a diorama any time the mood strikes, and the mood struck me for Halloween. What’s neater than a graveyard terrarium, or three?


Here’s the close up photos (glass is so hard to photograph, especially if you’re lazy like me and using a camera phone) –




Not only were they incredibly easy to throw together, they were also affordable. The large glass bowl I found at a thrift store for $2. The small glass bowls were at Dollar Tree for $1 each. The Spanish moss, wire tree, gargoyles (comes in a 3-pack) and graveyard fence (in the large bowl) were all picked up at Dollar Tree for $1 each. The Lemax Spooky Town coffins were scored at Michaels with a 40% off coupon for $3 for a 3-pack (and they are currently on sale for an even better price of $2!). The coffins are also Lemax Spooky Town from Michaels, and I picked up a 5-pack for the same price (and they’re on sale for $2 right now too, for an even better score).

All I did was plunk a handful of Spanish moss into each jar and arrange the stuff on top until I thought it looked interesting. So for five minutes and $15 you can have a trio of spooky grave yard terrariums to deck out the house for Halloween.