The Quest For Health – Finding Time for Yoga

It seems like it was a century ago – every Wednesday night after work I’d go to yoga class. It was 45 minutes of time just for me, where I could breath. I wasn’t a Manager, I wasn’t on mom duty and I wasn’t worried about the bills. I was breathing. It was great.

But that was before a role change at work and a major move over an hour away from where we had been living. And then the four hour round trip commute became a reality… there wasn’t any time left in the day for the luxury of a 45 minute yoga class, and though I love our new town, the park district classes leave a lot to be desired anyway.

As these things usually happen, the lack of yoga, longer commute, poor eating habits and some nasty genetics all lined up into the perfect storm of just being in a really bad spot health-wise. I’ll not go all out about it, but the long and short of it is I really needed to take better care of myself. So we cleaned up the food situation at home and that’s helped everyone. It’s really hard to eat healthy when you’re stressed and tired, and even harder to plan ahead in order to do it when you feel that way. But an hour or two of prep on the weekends pays off and are back to being a part of the regular routine.

There’s not much I can do about the commute, so with better food habits back in play, that just left the question of exercise. I really did miss the yoga. And then I had a light bulb moment, because the answer was literally staring me right in face, sitting on a bookshelf in the living room I walk right by every day – the Yoga Sequencing Deck by Jillian Bobowicz. I’d received it months ago for review from Ulysses Press, and then all that life stuff happened and I lost sight of yoga. I wake up before 5:30 in the morning for work, long before anyone else in the house. And with a four hour round trip commute (yeah, did I mention that?), I had ten minutes tops to make yoga fit back into my life. Hey, it was better than nothing.

The cards are great for making it fit. At the crack of dawn, I can lay out a set of three cards, and take ten minutes to go through the poses in the bathroom when I get ready for work. I like simple, easy poses to wake up with – I usually do Mountain, Warrior II and a High Lunge, and then do them in reverse. It’s a quick way to stretch and wake up gently to start the day. Between yoga and walking a few miles to and from the train each day, exercise is happening once again. And every little bit helps on the quest to stay healthy!