Instant Gift: Leftovers Labels

We have all done it – stuck something in the back of the fridge or freezer without a label and then… time goes by. What is this stuff? Is it still edible? How long has it been here? Is this cooked or raw? And after all of those doubts crowd in we throw out the food, because why risk food poisoning?

Or we label things poorly – a piece of scotch tape half-sticking on, written in fading ink. We still have no idea what the thing is. We still pitch it out. There must be an easier way! Oh wait, there is – with simple leftover labels you can write the name of the food and the date right on the containers!

And with a little thought, you can even turn these handy little labels into a practical, appreciated Christmas gift that I think most people would love and actually even use. First off, print of a sheet (or twelve) of the leftover labels –


Then make them gift-worthy! Here are a few suggestions –

  • Package them up with some cute magnets (either DIY some or buy them from a crafter) so the recipient can stick their labels right on the fridge.
  • Bake something tasty and use a label to identify what it is. Include a couple of sheets of blank labels for the giftee.
  • Put together a lunch kit – a reusable lunch bag, some reusable snack bags, and an insulated container/mug (all of which you can either make or buy) and of course – a couple sheets of labels.
  • For someone setting up house for the first time (college kids, first apartment, etc.) put together a kitchen basics gift basket – some wooden spoons, towels, mixing bowl or two, some food containers with lids, and a set of the labels.
  • Make an organizer kit – this is perfect for people that love to organize. Include a calendar, some chalkboard labels, chalk pen, an assortment of tags, colorful twine, and some leftover labels.

Don’t be afraid to give practical gifts to those on your list this year. Put some thought into what people need and they will certainly appreciate getting something they will actually use – just make the presentation fun and well-considered, and you can’t go wrong. Happy giving!