Welcome Fall

Today is the first official day of fall, and it does feel like it. The breeze is crisp, and the sky is clear, bright blue you only see in the autumn. The garden is starting to wind down for the year. Today we picked four butternut squash, a quart of tomatoes, and a handful of hot and sweet peppers. We pulled out some of the tomato plants that were done bearing. We got a good number of green ones still, so it’s looks like we’ll get another nice harvest of those. And then the only two things left are the cabbage and Brussels sprouts. The cabbage is technically ready, but since I have so much other produce to deal with I decided not to pick it today. That will be next week’s project. And the Brussels sprouts have another few weeks to go.

I’ve got the house decorated for autumn – very simply this year since tchotches and toddler hands don’t always mix. I’ve got a wooden pumpkin wreath on the front door, my ceramic jack-o-lantern, a few pumpkin candle holders (from the Target One Spot), and a couple of black and white Halloween word art picture frames. For the kiddo, I’ve got some Halloween window stickies up on a few windows. A few wooden figures (a ghost and a vampire) as well as my glittered gourds round out the decor. Very simple this year. And I did put battery-operated tea lights in all of my candle holders, just to be on the safe side.

So the house looks great, the larder is getting stocked and it’s time to pull out my favorite sweaters and mull up some cider. Apple picking and a visit to a pumpkin patch are on the agenda in a few weeks, so we’re settling into autumn quite well.