Brand New Planters!

I didn’t get out to Ikea for the storage boxes I wanted to get, but I did find something just as affordable two blocks from home. This morning when I went grocery shopping, I popped into the dollar store to see what was new. Sometimes I find cute holiday things and craft supplies on the cheap. Lucky for me, they were literally unpacking their boxes of gardening supplies this morning, and one of the first things they had out on the shelves were giant round seven-gallon faux terra cotta planters, in terra cotta and green. Only $7.00 a piece. I made a mental note, and then went across the street to do my grocery shopping at Morse Market.

But I’ve been thinking obsessing about those planters all afternoon. They’re perfect. They’re exactly in my budget. Eight of them would do the job of four of the Ikea boxes. When am I going to have use of a car to trek all the way out to Ikea? What if I can’t go before planting time? God, those round planters would be great. What if they sell out? What if they only have the ugly green ones when I go back?

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I explained all of the merits and affordiblity of these wonderful planters to husband and shamelessly begged him to go with me to get them. He was skeptical, but I finally wore him down. So off we went, trotting two blocks in whirling snow back to the dollar store, where I bought every terra cotta colored giant planter they had in stock – all six of them. I want eight, so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled in the next few weeks and snap up the last two I need when they get more in stock.

So even though exactly none of my seeds have sprouted yet, I’m ready. Well, nearly ready. I still need to get drainage materials and loads and loads of soil… but I have someplace to put my lovingly tended homegrown plants once they grow big and strong. Spring is so close I can almost taste it!