Friday Infographic: How to Roast a Turkey

Is it seriously November already? Where does the time go? Well, at any rate, November is here. And November means it’s time to roast a turkey. If you’re like most Americans, this will be the only time in the entire year that you will roast an entire bird of this size. Now how do you do that again?

Fortunately, today’s infographic from The Daily Infographic breaks it down. Print this now and stick it on the fridge. You’ll thank me later.


Two Acres To Self Sufficiency?

Okay, one more infographic for today,and that’s it I promise. Posted up on the wonderful time-sucking Daily Infographics (thank you for making Fridays less mundane), this handy little chart outlines how much land you really need to feed your family. And it’s not a hundred acre spread in the middle of nowhere! Happy Friday everybody.

How to Avert Baking Disasters!

So, did I happen to mention that I haven’t had a working oven for the past week? It’s true – last weekend it just up and died. It’s been a terrible long week without baked goods of any kind, especially since coffee cakes and the like are breakfast staples around here.

So since I have baking on the brain and an intense love of infographics, I thought I’d share this lovely one with you all, from Daily Infographic. While I wait patiently for my new oven to arrive.