DIY Easter Egg Garlands – Dollar Tree Decorating

Yep, after completely ignoring Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day here on the blog (though I promise I did decorate for both of them in real life!) I am posting copiously about our Easter crafts. If, like me, you are a seriously lacking in the Easter decor department, festooning your house with ropes upon ropes of Easter egg garlands is probably the easiest way to go.

Here are just a couple of shots of the garlands we have up around the house (trust me, we have many more – especially in Little Man’s room, where we used brightly colored eggs). Also, sorry for the bad photo quality. I’m hoping that a poor photo is better than no photo at all.



The paper mache egg stakes I picked up at 40% off at Hobby Lobby – I think I paid $1.20 for each of them. The wooden bunny cutout is from Dollar Tree, and the green egg “terrarium” is simply filled with leftover Easter eggs (the terrarium is from Dollar Tree too). Hint, hint – stay tuned for another Easter egg terrarium craft later this week.

Making the garlands is unbelievably easy, and each one costs less than $3 to make. You’ll need white fabric ribbon, 2 packages of eggs (I like the medium-sized ones, shown above) and a tapestry or candlewicking needle – one that’s big enough to take the ribbon through the eye, but small enough to fit through the holes in either end of the eggs. Speaking of the eggs – make sure you do pick up the eggs that have small holes in each end. Most of them seem to, especially the ones available at Dollar Tree, but not all of the ones on the market do. I happened to pick some up at Hobby Lobby recently that didn’t, so they got relegated to other purposes.

Assembling the garlands simply requires threading the needle with the ribbon and “sewing” the eggs together. I like to thread them onto the ribbon before I cut it from the spool, to make sure I have enough length to use a full two packages of eggs (which gives the best amount of drape for the space I’m decorating) without having to be fussy and measure the ribbon first.

Once I have all of the eggs on, I tie off the loose end in a loop for hanging. Don’t thread the eggs too tightly; you’ll want a little play in the ribbon so you can drape it and hang it how you like. Once you have the loose end situated, tie a loop in the ribbon still attached to the spool, and then cut it free. And that’s it! This is a great craft to make with kids. Older kids can do it entirely themselves, but even toddlers can help with this one – they can choose the color sequence of the eggs, and it’s a great memory/color recognition game to repeat the color sequence as you go along.

We’ve made at least half a dozen of these so far (and I still have another four packages of eggs left!) and they’ve instantly brightened up the house and made it feel festive and fun.

DIY Easter Bunny Wreath

Before this year, I had hardly any Easter decorations. Before having a kid, it just wasn’t a big ticket holiday at our house. But I like to make holidays festive and fun for Little Man, so adding to our Easter decor (affordably!) was a must this year. As usual, I started my quest for Easter projects on Pinterest, and found this awesome little number


Really cool, but a little bit out of my price range. More importantly, I wanted to be able to make something with Little Man. So when I found cute little brown bunny ears at the Target One Spot, a light bulb went off. I could make my own interpretation of the bunny wreath!

Supplies were pretty straightforward. Little Man and I picked up the following haul at Hobby Lobby (with the exception of the bunny ears, which we found at the Target One Spot) –


Since I already had a glue gun and glue sticks on hand, the rest of the supplies only cost $10, and that’s a price I can afford for home decor. Assembled the wreath was super easy.

First, I hot-glue the bunny ears to the back of the smaller wreath. Then I made a ribbon loop for hanging and tucked it in between the bunny ears and wreath, hot gluing it in place.

One the glue was dry, I affixed the larger wreath to the smaller one by using the wire to lash them together. And that’s it!


Pardon the slightly blurry photo; I was in a bit of a rush to take it. I’m still toying with the idea of embellishing further with a bow, but I think I kind of like it in it’s simple, rustic form. And the best part was the time that Little Man and I spent together to make it – he was an excellent helper!