Delusions of Grandeur, Or The Backyard Orchard

Well, I finished reading Grow A Little Fruit Tree. It was a great book, and now I am fully armed with the knowledge to create and manage my very own home orchard. And that, my friends, is the problem. I bit the bullet and placed my tree order today… and I went for broke. Only figuratively, since I actually got a really good deal – I ordered from Gurneys (don’t judge me) and all of their trees were on sale, plus I got $50 off my total. So, a really good deal. But now I’m committed. I ordered the following –

2 American persimmons

2 American hazelnuts

1 Gala apple

1 Fuji apple

1 Golden Delicious apple

Lost. My. Mind. Slightly-less-than-quarter-acre lot. I will be playing tetris with edibles. And I have to really embrace the aggressive pruning techniques advocated in the book (which, as the author admits, can be emotionally difficult to do – the first cut essentially decapitates the tree! Talk about a leap of faith). But if I don’t, we’ll probably be doomed to live in a thicket of overgrown trees and drowning in rotting fruit. So how’s that for a dichotomy between success and failure for you?

But really, I’m okay. No buyer’s remorse, though I have seriously bitten off a lot with the garden this year. No one is going to give me the life I want, so I’m going to build it. And I’m going to make time for the garden, and spending time with my menfolk in the garden, and cut out the noise that doesn’t matter. So maybe I’m just biting the fruit that I’m looking for.