Dollar Store Decorating: Halloween

I am a big fan of Dollar Tree – everything in the store is literally a dollar and they’ve got some real treasures if you’ve got a creative eye.



These Martha Stewart spider silhouettes are great, but at nearly $15 for a package of 10, a bit pricey. Dollar Tree has packages of 15 this year for $1 each, and they have spiders, bats and mice. I bought two of each!



What’s creepier than bugs crawling up the doors and walls? The above image is from the Delia Creates tutorial on how to make magnetic spiders. It’s a great idea for those with metal doors, or to use on the fridge. Since I don’t have a metal door, I just put mine on the wall using poster putty. And of course, I like to glitter mine. Dollar Tree always has bags of spider rings, and you can usually find other creepy crawlies there as well – I picked up a mixed bag of spiders, cockroaches and centipedes last year.


The above image is from The Charm of Home’s tutorial on how to decorate a mantel with a decorated window pane. She cleverly uses window clings on a glass window frame backed with scrap book paper, which is great way to class up window clings. I actually bought the exact same ones at Dollar Tree this year, and I lazily just stuck them on the kitchen window. But the point is, while there are a lot of really hokey, awful window clings out there, you can usually find a few sets that you can work with in a fun way.


The above image is from In These Small Moments, and while she picked up her fake gourds at Michaels, they always sell bags of them at Dollar Tree. They also sell plastic skeletons and skulls that you can glitter as well, as I did a few years ago.


And from CraftElf  we have a great use for candy corn. I know exactly one person that enjoys eating that stuff. So with two Dollar Tree vases and a bag of candy corn, you can have a cute flower arrangement for fall. Or you can swap out the flowers for a candle and only fill the vase halfway.

So, can you decorate your house for Halloween on a $10 budget without it looking hokey or dumb? You bet. And when in doubt, just glitter it.