Almost Time…

It’s supposed to snow again tonight, through tomorrow morning – another six inches. On top of the several feet we already have on the ground. This winter just keeps going on and on… I try to live in the moment and enjoy each season as it comes, but this winter is definitely challenging that.

Someday soon, spring will arrive. It has to. So, in a few short weeks, it will finally be time to put the seed trays to use –



Garden Planning 2014

I am ready! It’s currently snowing out and we’re at least two months away from reasonably starting seeds, but nonetheless. I am geared up for spring! Awhile back I found a brand-new seed starting tray for $2.00 at Goodwill to replace the ones that finally gave up the ghost last year.

And today, friends, I have placed the 2014 seed order! And I haven’t even gotten a single seed catalog in the mail, which now that I think about it, is really weird. I swear I got them before Christmas last year. At any rate, I placed my order with Pinetree Garden Seeds (my all-time favorite, even if they have gotten rid of flat rate shipping). This is the order I placed –


And this is about how it will look in the garden –


I love planning with Smart Gardener – the best free garden planner on the internet, hands down. It’s pretty self-explanatory – I’ve got tomatoes on the right, and a corn and pumpkin patch in the upper left corner. In front of the pumpkins are peppers and onion-type things, with leafy greens and peas next door. In the middle is an alley of dwarf sunflowers, with beans and potatoes in front.

And the crowning glory of the garden is the one thing that looks like a major blank spot in the plan – at the end of the alley of sunflowers with be a bean teepee covered in Rattlesnake Pole beans. So when we go to the garden, Little Man can run down the lane of sunflowers and play inside the bean teepee.

I also came across a great idea on Pinterest (of course) for DIY plant markers that I’m going to make –


Aren’t those cute? The picture (and the idea, naturally) are from Katy Harper and I think they’re great. I have a can of red spray paint and a white paint pen already, so if I can score some paint sticks this little garden project won’t cost me a dime. If you can’t find a store that will give you paint sticks (some do, some don’t these days) you can buy them on Amazon. The best deal on paint sticks I found was about $10 for a package of 100 – enough to supply you with labels for your garden for a few years! I also found out that Hobby Lobby sells a package of 24 for just under $4.00, if that’s more your speed.

Another thing we’re going to get again this year is another package or two of wooden landscape stakes, which cost about $12 for a package of 25. They’re great as plant supports and as the foundation for perimeter fencing. They worked great last year.

So, I’m really excited to get the garden going again this year – and I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the seed order!